Commissioned Officer Training

October 20, 2008

20 October 2008 has arrived. I am in my hotel room in Montgomery, AL, a couple hours away from reporting to Maxwell, AFB, for Commissioned Officer Training (COT). I am excited about getting my AF JAG career started… I am not yet nervous, but that could change soon enough.

COT is a five week basic training program for doctors, chaplains and lawyers. For anyone interested, here is a video about COT.

I have read all the information I could get my hands on, but it is still hard to know exactly what to expect. Here is a schedule of a typical day at COT:



0430 – Wake up/Personal hygiene time

0450 – Form up to march to Physical Training pad

0505 – Arrive PT pad/Trainee Group accountability

0515 – Physical Training begins

0615 – Physical Training ends

0630 – March to breakfast/Personal hygiene time/Change into UOD

0745 – Form up to march to OTS bldg

0755 – Prepare for flight room class (0800-0850)

0855 – Prepare for flight room class (0900-0950)

0955 – Prepare for flight room class (1000-1050)

1050 – Transit to auditorium for lecture

1055 – Prepare for auditorium lecture

1150 – Transit to flight room for lunch prep

1200 – March to lunch (Marched by Flight Commander)

1235 – March from lunch (Marched by Flight Commander)

1245 – Return to flight room/Trainee Group or Flight position duties/Class prep

1325 – Prepare for flight room class (1330-1420)

1425 – Prepare for flight room class (1430-1520)

1520 – Transit to auditorium for lecture

1525 – Prepare for auditorium lecture

1625 – Prepare for auditorium lecture

1725 – Transit to flight room or Flight Commander’s cube for counseling



1750 – Detail to Chow Hall for dinner

1830 – Detail to dorm or shoppette for personals

1915 – Group study in dorms with flight mates

2100 – Individual study in dorm room/Work on assignments/Additional duties

2300 – Personal time/Hygiene

 This should be an adventure! I will try to update the blog as frequently as possible.


Laura had a chance to email me yesterday from Peru. She seems to be doing very well, she had a few problems with her connections and her baggage, but it all worked out and she is now with the family she will be staying with and has all of her luggage. She seemed to be very excited about being there and the opportunities that she will have.


On her way

October 17, 2008

As I sit in a Jackson, MS, coffee shop writing this entry, Laura is on her way to Peru. She flew out of Jackson early this afternoon. It is almost surreal, we have known that this day was coming for months, but for so long it has seemed like a plan…now it is a reality. We will be apart for five weeks. I already miss her, and I know that this will not be easy, but I have no doubt that it will be for our good. She will spend four weeks in Peru, during most of which she will be living with a local pastor’s family and immersing herself in their community. She will also spend some time hiking the Inca Trail and visiting some Inca ruins. This is a great opportunity for her that both of us are very excited about. I am thankful that she will not have to spend the five weeks that I will be at COT sitting at home waiting for me to finish. 

We have been in Mississippi for two weeks now, spending significant time with friends and family in Laurel and Jackson. I will be here until Sunday making final preparations for COT and watching some football. I have been ready to start COT for months, but now that Laura has left… I am really ready to get there and get started.

For the LORD is good;
   his steadfast love endures forever,
       and his faithfulness to all generations.       

                                                                         Psalm 100:5